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We will take care
/\\\of all your worries related
to marketplaces

Комплексная подготовка товара к поставке на СНГ маретплейсы:
Wildberries, Ozon, Lamoda

Мы сотрудничаем с поставщиками
из Турции, Китая, Казахстана
и Кыргызстана, поэтому вы можете смело обращаться к нам за помощью!
Это команда e-commerce
экспертов FastSellers

Complex preparation of goods
for delivery to CIS marketplace:
Wildberries, Ozon, Lamoda, Amazon

We will take care
/\\ of all your worries
related to marketplaces

Фулфилмент для маркетплейсов в Москве

Привет! Это команда e-commerce
экспертов FastSellers

5 лет назад мы создали этот фулфилмент
для маркетплейсов в Москве

А сейчас мы сотрудничаем
с поставщиками из Турции, Китая, Казахстана и Кыргызстана,

Наш опыт позволяет
нам выполнять нашу работу быстро, качественно и надёжно, поэтому
вы можете смело обращаться
к нам за помощью!
About us
$ 3.3+M
Hello, this is the FastSellers team
of e-commerce specialists.

5 years ago we created a full-fledged
trading platform field in Moscow, Russia,
and now we work with suppliers from
Turkey, China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Our experience allows us to do our work
quickly, qualitatively and reliably, so you
can safely turn to us for help!
All of our clients' sales
per year

Goods are shipped weekly
Years of experience
in sales
Brands launched
Start working with us
right now and you'll get
Team of experts
Our experience in e-commerce
Large warehouse in Moscow
We have a securely guarded
warm warehouse of over
3000 square meters
We have a team of 10 cool professionals who are ready
to always ready to support
We have over 7 years of successful
sales on marketplaces, we have
a lot to say about it

We provide services such as:

Seller registration on the marketplace, nomenclature management, packaging, labeling, shipment generation, delivery of goods to the marketplace warehouse, and more

ON ALL PRICE until 12.29.23



All stages of our service
are performed strictly
and in accordance with
the requirements
of marketplace

Помимо базового
сервиса мы  можем предложить допол-
нительные услуги:
We can offer other services in addition to the basic service
и SEO оптимизацию карточек товара
Creating high-quality product photos
Analysis of competitors sales
Finding alternative suppliers with best prices within China
Promotion and SEO-optimization
of product cards
Advice on entering other marketplaces
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Frequently asked questions
на самые
частые вопросы:
Feedback on our work
Women's clothing brand
«Hi, wanted to share my experience, I'm very new to the marketplace
business. But thanks to the fact that I immediately contacted
a wonderful manager from fastsellers (Hi Viktor) my top product shot
like out of a cannon!»
Automotive products
«I tried to go to WB with a manager from fastsellers, it turned out even better than I expected, so now I have taken another product and will work with it. Victor helped me analyze the niche before the start,
very professionally»
Electronics sales
«Many thanks to the guys for their almost round-the-clock support,
indeed, they took on most of the worries»
Women's accessories brand
«You're awesome, thank you!»
Men's T-shirt brand
«Started a clothing brand from scratch with Fastsellers, everything went just perfect, highly recommended!»
Children's clothing brand
«Thank you so much, everything is top notch, especially the support»

«Привет, хотела поделиться своим опытом, я совсем недавно в сфере маркетплейсов, но благодаря тому, что я сразу обратилась к чудесному менеджеру из фастселлерс
(Витя, привет✌) мой топовый товар выстрелил, как из пушки!»
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